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Mariposas Preschool

Serving the Morgan Hill community

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Why Love Us?

Bilingual Learning

Our program is designed to provide children with a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging environment. Various activities and lessons are conducted in Spanish, allowing children to immerse themselves in the language and develop their skills naturally. Our native Spanish-speaking staff use structured activities, songs, and story time to help children learn the language in an enjoyable way. Research has shown that bilingualism at an early age can have significant cognitive, social, and academic benefits for children.

Monthly Theme Activities

We love planning sensory theme  activities that involve learning as well! It’s so fun to come up with these set-ups that the kids enjoy.  The fall sensory table activity was hands-on which the children loved!

Spanish lesson_Mariposas Preschool

Spanish lesson_Mariposas Preschool

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Our Mission

At Mariposas Preschool, our mission is to provide a nurturing
and engaging environment where children can develop a love

for learning.
We believe that play-based instruction is an effective way to
help young children develop the skills they need to succeed in
school and in life. Through hands-on experiences and guided
exploration, our students learn to think critically, solve
problems, and work collaboratively with others.

Cindy Tapia, Gilroy

"We are delighted with our experience here and wholeheartedly recommend it to others. We consider ourselves fortunate to have two dedicated educators at the preschool level for our daughter."
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